Top 10 must watch Hollywood movies - IMDB, Don't Waste Your Quarantine - Top 10 movies

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Top 10 must watch Hollywood movies - IMDB, Don't Waste Your Quarantine Top 10 movies

Top 10 movies Forever for all cinema .
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IMDB rating is decided by the users you can also give the rating to the movie. Ratings of the movies are changes fom time to time and IMDB also released the list of its Top 250 movies of highest ratings and on top of list The Shawshank Redemption is stood with the rating of 9.4. IMDB Top 250 list only consists movies which are rated by more then 25000 user so you can easily find various movies with more then Rating of 9.4 or equivalent to 10 rated by few user.

On IMDb, all films are given an overall rating out of ten. In a roundabout way, these ratings are derived from votes submitted by IMDb users, not movie critics.

All registered IMDb users can submit a single rating – a number between one and ten – for any film on the website. These votes are then re-jigged so that certain demographics (newly-registered users, for example) don’t disproportionately influence the overall ranking of the film. IMDb doesn’t disclose how it re-jigs these votes, but what does mean is that a film’s ranking is not quite an overall average of all its user scores, but it’s probably quite close.

Just to be extra helpful, IMDb’s Top 250 films are ranked in a slightly different way. Only votes from ‘regular IMDb voters’ are used to make up these rankings. Helpfully, IMDb doesn’t say what makes someone a regular IMDb voter.
In short: IMDb ratings are based on the votes of the website’s users, with a little bit of mathematical re-jigging to stop certain groups disproportionately influencing the vote.

This all sounds very egalitarian, but as we’ll see, most IMDb voters are male, which seems to skew the rankings in favor of films that are aimed more towards men. Top 10 movies Forever for all cinema .

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This YouTube video is all about the Top 10 movies this is based on the IMDB user rating movie list

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