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Weir Oil & Gas delivers innovative end-to-end solutions for customers around the globe from capital projects to long term asset management Насосы weir gabbioneta contracts for continuing operations - both onshore and прай лист на задвижки чугунные offshore.

Our capabilities span every Задвижка ду 80 рн 250 requirement – from exploration and production through to transportation, refining and storage.

Our comprehensive portfolio of high performance pumps and superior safety critical equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the highest specifications – for robust and reliable operation in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

The Weir Group PLC

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This is silax задвижка supported by extensive global service and asset management expertise to ensure the highest levels of continuity, quality and productivity.

Weir Oil & Gas

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Weir employs around 9,000 people worldwide across three Насосы weir gabbioneta divisions, focused on our key market sectors, with closely aligned, independently successful companies, each with leading brand name products.

These businesses are supported at Group level by казанское учереждение задвижка 30ч6бр ду200 management, marketing, training, and research and development resources, through our Scottish headquarters and through regional, product-focused centres of excellence around the world.

Across the Group, we are committed to collaborating, co-operating .and integrating our offering. Crucially, we are working as one in the journey towards operational excellence.

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